Tuesday, February 21, 2012


In November we enjoyed one last fall festival, a visit from Aunt Ashley and our cousins, birthday parties, Blythe's first haircut, and 3 Thanksgivings!

Playing king of the hay stack with playgroup friends

Cousin's visiting Blythe's house!!!!!

Hannah would only go down with her Momma

Unsuccessful attempt to get the girls to go down the slide together, but they are still having a wonderful time

Nathan's birthday party (I think Blythe needs a jungle gym)

Pretending to be a mommy

Pretending to be a baby

Thanksgiving at Jake's Mom's, shorts and short sleeve weather again this year :(

After Thanksgiving dinner, decorating my mother-in-laws tree

1 tree finished, my mother-in-laws,
ours was not finished until about the 15th of Dec!

Pushing Ayden in the baby doll stroller

Reading books with Ayden

Thanksgiving picture of the Hill family :)

Thanksgiving in San Antonio
Hailee, Blythe, and Hannah

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, January 30, 2012

First Hair Cut

Right before the holidays we took Blythe to get her first haircut! We went to a place called Sweet-N-Sassy in The Woodlands. They have spa parties for little girls and also do haircuts. The place was precious! Each station had a tv with Beauty and the Beast playing and the salon was full of goodies for little girls! Blythe and I had practiced for a few weeks of what would happen when she got a haircut, so on the day we went she knew just what to do. They put her in the chair and she was super happy with watching the movie. When it came to cutting the back or her hair they had her look at a flower hair clip that she was holding in her hands. When it was all finished they blew dry, styled her hair, and topped it off with the flower hair pin. The hairspray had glitter in it!!!!! They also sprayed her hair to smell like strawberries! Blythe was in beauty shop heaven. When they were all finished she got a powder/glitter stamp on her cheek and a lollipop! Of course Abby went and got her first haircut as well, these are the type of adventures best friends do together.

Ready for the first snip!

Watching the movie

Holding her flower hair pin

All finished!

Lollipop with Abby

Taking a pic in front of the salon's pink limousine!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

She Wore an Itsy Bitsy.....

Halloween was so much fun this year! Abby joined us for some trick or treating and the girls had a blast together... it's so much more fun to do things with your friends. We started by going to Jake's mom's house. We visited 3 of her neighbors as well. Then we came home and walked our street. By then the girls had plenty of candy. Last we came home and let the two girls answer our door and give out candy.

Notice that Abby has both baskets :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Big Ouch!

The first Friday of October we had playgroup at our church gym. I thought the kids would love to run around and play. About an hour into playing Blythe dove for a ball and hit the gym's wood floor! She came up screaming and was bleeding. This momma's heart dropped!! We rushed to find a dentist, which I had no idea dentist didn't work on Friday's, and thankfully found a super sweet dentist. They took an x-ray, said the tooth's root was fractured, and they scheduled the surgery the following Thursday. Unfortunately this dentist was out of network, so the following week I made an appointment to go see the dentist our pediatrician recommended.

Blythe and I went and saw the new dentist this week on Monday. He said her tooth was pretty much dead. If he pulls it, he will have to pull both front teeth because the other tooth is loose as well. He does do false teeth for children, that way they don't have any problems with speech development and that the other teeth don't shift. He advised that we wait and watch to see what the tooth does and to just monitor it for now. We don't want to have to put Blythe through that procedure if we don't have to. Children heal so amazingly that the tooth might heal. Worse case scenario is that we have to pull it in 6 months. So thankfully we are not going to pull her teeth for now! Blythe is behaving normal and eating great, this is definitely not hindering her. I do have to monitor it closely and make sure she does not get an infection or an abscess (which would be horrible!).I am so grateful that this accident happened while I was with her and not when she was at school. I am grateful that she was laughing when she fell and her mouth was open and that she didn't bite through her tongue or lip. I am grateful that she was back to her normal self in 2 days! She never ceases to amaze me!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend we joined my family at the lake. The girls favorite part of the trip was riding on the boat :) Blythe asks me most days if we can go to the lake again!

Heading out to sandy beach

At sandy beach swimming

After our swimming and playing the girls needed a Capri Sun break

Dancing to the music on our way back

Sisters :) Hannah & Hailee

Blythe and Hannah, they adore each other and have a lot of fun together

Hannah on the porch

First day back to school